stress puppy

A person who thrives on stress, yet complains about it constantly.
Example Citation:
As a nation we have metamorphosed into the walking, climbing, rambling caravanning bonkers land. The living endorsement of every good communist poster of the thirties when legions were encouraged to reap the benefits of the natural environment. Bright rosy cheeks, the happy flush of the sun, snow, and ice beaming out from rejuvenated faces. Go forth and be happy in the hills, stress puppies from office-land.
— Ann Donald, "Just go forth and be happy," The Herald (Glasgow), February 2, 1998
Earliest Citation:
So now the cycle starts again. There's Medio, one of the rare multimedia start-ups that seems to have a chance to survive the current market. Founded in 1993 by some of Microsoft's brightest stress puppies, Medio set out to climb the learning curve and invent the technology in stages.
— Jesse Burst, "Spin 95 brings out a new generation," Windows Sources, June 1995
This word appeared originally in Gareth Branwyn's Jargon Watch column, in the February 1995 issue of Wired magazine.
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stress puppy

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